Gain clarity.
Find meaning.
Uplevel your success.

You're in the right place if:

You try your best. You work hard. And yet…

You feel you have not reached your fullest potential and 
struggle to have a sense of achievement.
You feel overwhelmed, by yourself, within your team or your organization.
You feel the weight of your responsibility is too heavy.
You struggle with leadership.
You have trouble relating to and motivating your team.
Your life is out of balance.
You have given up on your dreams.

If you feel at least one of those things,

You are halfway there to making a shift in your life.
It takes great awareness and courage to be able to look in the mirror and admit that what seemed to have worked yesterday is not working anymore today.
Not everyone is comfortable with the truth, with change.
You however are wishing for something in your life, your team’s life, your organization to be different
– let’s take the journey together!

Your team.
Your organization.
The varied eco-systems of your life.

How does it feel to be the top!version of yourself? To be a part of or lead a top!team that contributes real value? Where you are ready to lean into the challenges and seize new opportunities? Where you are finally facing what needs to be faced? 

Are you ready to move from good to great to extraordinary?
It’s time to become the

Claudia Cimenti image

Hi I’m Claudia,

your top! coach

As your coach, I want to be your catalyst and enabler you need to realize your potential on the journey. As needed, I’ll act as your mountain guide, sparring partner, mirror, or devil’s advocate. Sometimes I’ll be the shoulder you cry on. But most of all, I’ll be your steadfast #1 fan as you make the best version of yourself or your team a reality, as you proceed on your journey to become the best possible  top!version

“I can help with that!”

When working one-on-one, rather than a pure business coach, I consider myself
the business person’s personal coach” 
 – helping you within the varied ecosystem of your life, where you have to manage challenges and demands about yourself, your team, your business, and your overall life. 

As a team coach, I take a co-creative, systemic approach.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Private coaching allows for focused, transformational conversations dedicated to upleveling your success. 

Group Programs

In my coach-led workshop-style programs, you can tap into the energy of the group and benefit from collaboration with like-minded people. Receive professional guidance in addition to sharing support and positive energy from your group members.

team unification picture

Team Coaching

Team coaching is partnering with a team in an on-going relationship, in order to raise collective awareness and nurture connections in the team’s internal and external systems. This builds the team’s resilience to face current and future challenges.